Welcome to the home page of ACS Ipoh Class of 1978.

The Anglo-Chinese School in Ipoh is the oldest and one of the most prestigious schools in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

ACS Ipoh was founded by Rev William Edward Horley on the 5th of October 1895. Back then, the school was a small rented house with only 4 students. In 1894, Rev William Edward Horley built the Wesley Methodist Church within the school compound. 

In 1956, Mr Teerath Ram took over as principal. He built the swimming pool, the air-conditioned library and the badminton court which was then named the Teerath Ram Hall. Mr Teerath Ram retired in 1974. Mr P. Subramaniam took over as principal from 1975 to 1984. 

School Song:
Not so very long ago
More than a hundred years or so
Horley dauntless hero came
Founded our beloved school
Ipoh Anglo-Chinese School
Though it then was new in name
But the banner then unfurled
Now its known throughout the world

Your country can depend on you
Years we spend in your classrooms
Will help to make us brave and true

To do the right we're not afraid
And we're proud we're the students
Of the ACS.